Omicron Xi Omega Charter Chapter

Omicron Xi Omega Charter Members: Carol Allen, Dorothy Banks, Cheryle Blake, Edwina Branch, Cecelia Callaway, Frances Carter, Doris Coleman, Grace Crichlow, Lilyan Crichlow-Carter, Ada Dean, Marie Gaines, Mary Good, Mary Grimstead, Amy Harrison, Jeanne Heningburg, Loretta Hodge, Edith Hurt, Marjorie Kay, Marian Kinchelow, Elizabeth Leach, Alison Moore, Eleanor Newton, Rosie Noble, Dorothy Oliver, Marguerite Page, Sylvia Paterson, Julia Pinderhughes, Joan Wiggins-Reeves, Joyce Robinson, Jayme Rich, Elnora Smith, Frieda Smith, Ella Sweeney, Hortense Tate, Barbara Taylor, Marva Tidwell and Jane White.

OXO Chapter History


North Atlantic Region

Montclair Interest Group (established November 9, 1982)

Montclair, New Jersey

Home to North Atlantic Regional Director Mary Bentley-LaMar, the award-winning Omicron Xi Omega Chapter has been serving the greater Montclair, New Jersey community for the past 35 years. The chapter has been recognized by such organizations as the Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey and the Montclair Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as well as by the sorority. Omicron Xi Omega’s long record of community service dates back to June 30, 1984 when it was chartered and sworn in by the North Atlantic Regional Director, Ruth C. Easley.  

Under the leadership of its first president, Joan Wiggins-Reeves, Omicron Xi Omega Chapter became actively involved in civic and social concerns, including voter-registration drives and participation in the national boycott of the Nestle Company. 


On May 3, 1998, North Atlantic Regional Director Wilma Holmes Tootle and members of Omicron Xi Omega chartered Rho Phi Chapter under the jurisdiction of Bloomfield College and Montclair State University. Twelve sorors were inducted.  

...Community Impact

In recent years, Omicron Xi Omega Chapter has served the Montclair community by supporting:

  • Real House, Inc., a local women’s shelter
  • Landscaping and donating toys to the local Child Development Center
  • Promoting recycling
  • Raising awareness about stroke and heart-disease prevention, mental health and wellness and positive-parenting

Chapter members have raised money for several organizations, including:

  • The Alzheimer’s Association
  • The American Cancer Society
  • The United Negro College Fund. 

The chapter has given over $150,000 in scholarships to deserving young students and has established the Pearls and Ivies Foundation Serving Montclair, NJ and Beyond to ensure that this important educational-giving effort continues. 

Now, Then and Forever...

Omicron Xi Omega Chapter continues to grow and attract women who are a vital, stimulating, involved and forceful presence in the community, with its members making their marks in the fields of education, business, law, medicine, athletics and fine arts. The chapter truly exemplifies the meaning of sisterhood and service while continuing to engage, educate and encourage the greater Montclair community.